One-Man-Variety Show

Fast-paced, exact and elegant he throws visual wonders, which are remaining reality for just a few moments. If it is Devil-Sticks, Cigar Boxes or illuminated sticks, juggler Andy Gebhardt showcases extraordinary features to his audience.

No matter if you want a short show highlight or a full evening show. Juggler Andy Gebhardt presents exceptional juggling, comedy and a pinch of magic with charm, humor and lots of energy.

Duration of One-Man-Show: 5-50 min. according to the customer’s request. The Show contains juggling, comedy and a pinch of magic. Integration of customer’s issues is feasible.  Ceiling height is no problem.


Devil Stick Jongleur Andy GebhardtDevil Sticks

Stylish elegance meets fascinating vitality. Speedily and precisely he juggles the Devil Sticks second to none at highest level. With impressive sovereignty Andy Gebhardt involves his audience into the thrilling game between ease and risk, between success and flop.

Andy Gebhardt’s Devil Stick-Act has been internationally awarded and was performed at some of the best venues all over Europe and beyond. Duration 8 minutes.



Cigar Boxes

Jongleur Andy Gebhardt mit Zigarrenkisten / Cigar Box Jonglage

Cigar Box juggling at its best! Exciting, action-packed and charming. Full of power this speed juggling act enlightens your audience and leaves it back with good mood, a smile and a look of astonishment on their faces.

Juggler Andy Gebhardt just parks the boxes in the air and his hands turn, swap and manipulate them before they start their way down. It seems like the boxes dance on their own to the rhythm of the music, while they are actually playfully and highly artistically conducted. He is a master with this really rarely seen juggling prop.

Duration of  this speed act is   3-8 minutes. Can also be performed in very low venues. Branding of the boxes is possible. Some footage to the cigar box act and also other acts you can find here.


Jongleur Andy Gebhardt Comedy JonglageComedy Juggling Act

Juggling is a very fragile art. But what happens if one ball drops? What happens after a second mistake? What happens in the mind of the audience? What is going on in the mind of the juggler? And how can you escape the dilemma?

Andy Gebhardt gives the answers and invites you to laugh about failing. He even shows you how to find back to motivation and success.

A unique act full of astonishing honest insights and shrewd remarks which make you grin a long time…

In English this act is only available for British audience. Sorry, but the humor is not working for every mentality …



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More footage of juggler Andy Gebhardt you can find  here.

Showeinlage Jongleur Showeinlage Devil Stick Jonglage