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Business Vorträge von Referent Speaker Jongleur Andy GebhardtBusiness Key Notes from Andy Gebhardt

Andy Gebhardt looks at the world through the eyes of a juggler. He used to work 20 years all over the world as a professional juggler. Now he presents his ideas and his philosophy in entertaining and inspiring talks.

He became a speaker because his customers asked him to share his perspectives to certain topics.  Most presented is his talk about mistake culture, where he shows out of the jugglers perspective how to handle mistakes in rehearsals and in front of audiences.

In his talks he visualises the content with his juggling balls. Additional to the talks there might also fit a juggling act or a juggling workshop for the participants of the event.

Do you have to juggle in your life, too? Would you like to hear and see your topics in a unique key note? Just contact Andy Gebhardt


Aus Interviews hat Herr Gebhardt einen hervorragenden Vortrag maßgeschneidert. Er zeigte sehr inspirierend und pointiert wie die einzelnen Abteilungen im ‚Unternehmen Jongleur‘ zusammenarbeiten, wie man dort Multiprojektmanagement, Qualitätsmanagement und Planung angeht. Damit hielt er uns nicht nur einen Spiegel vor, sondern zeigte auch wesentliche Fragen auf und gab starke Impulse für unseren Workshop. Genau das was wir brauchten. Vielen Dank für die hervorragende Leistung.

Daimler Buses, EvoBus GmbH

Juggling – a mirror of our working and private life?

Business Vorträge von Jongleur & Speaker Andy Gebhardt

To exist we have to keep moving and weshould not close our minds to change and new things. Therefor ist is important not to hold on the stuff we already have but also to look up front to the things awaiting.

If we want to have success we have to take things as they come and make the best out if, instead of waiting forever. Therefor we need skills, attention and willingness.

In all this up and down and back and forth nothing works as it was planned. Especially if mistakes are happening it is important not give up but to dare the next throw with courage and confidence. Only who applies oneself can shape the future.

In the “juggling company” it is imprtant that everybody works hand to hand with the same goal. For mutual recrimination, silo mentalitywithdrawal of individuals the whole organisation has to pay. So it is better to care for each other, than to pay for each other.